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Who we are

Our Core Values
We identified 6 core values shaping how we work at Compado. These are not symbols displayed on a wall, they are powerful principles obtained in the way we get things done. We continuously challenge our core values making them accessible and feasible in our daily work.
Full Ownership
We believe in full ownership. You have full ownership for your individual area of responsibility. We trust you to deliver great results. No micro management. Full transparency.
We Simply Do It
"OK, let's do it" is our mantra. We are fast in decision making and execution. We try and fail fast, and never stop trying. This is how we drove our massive growth story to the stage we are in. Without end in sight.
No Obstacles & Egos
We do not think in barriers. We can tackle anything. We make it work. With great discipline we put our ego second and enable our team first.
Data Driven
One of our key success drivers is our unique data driven approach. Data has no opinion, data is black and white and we use it as our best partner in decision making.
No Politics Policy
The more a company grows, the harder it gets to avoid politics. We do our best to treat all ideas and approaches equally, no matter which job level or department. We encourage all team members to speak out their opinion. We collect feedback to improve our culture, our product and our performance.
Healthy Feedback
We implemented a wide ranging feedback culture at Compado. We work fully remote and it is a challenge to evaluate everybody's state of mind and job satisfaction. We made it to our core value to enable all team members to communicate their feedback immediately with positive intent.
Compado People DNA
marketing titans, figure jugglers, tech geniuses, sales giants, managers and creative minds
different countries
different languages
Our perks
Work asynchronously and enjoy flexible hours.

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