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Thinking about our culture, there are the four main pillars that characterise how we act as a company.
Living the remote dream
We are 90 marketing titans, figure jugglers, tech geniuses, sales giants, managers and creative mind, spread across 30 different countries. We are living the remote dream - spending winters in Brazil, Tenerife and Bali, and summers in Berlin, Amsterdam & Toronto while staying laser-sharp focused on what we do. We trust each other & therefore, we enjoy the flexibility of working asyncroniously. Our team has been growing fast from our own profits - from 8 to 90 employees - within only 4 years.
Valuing what matters
We are a data driven and rapidly moving remote startup with fully autonomous projects for every employee. We value high talent density, our employees having academic background in top universities such as INSEAD, Harvard & Mannheim & hands-on experience in Google, LinkedIn & Zalando, etc. We are living the culture of transparent communication where we value flexibility, proactivity and both positive & critical feedback. Our transparent OKR environment enable our team to grow into the best tech company in the affiliate world.
Becoming climate positive
At Compado, we strive for becoming climate positive. After switching to 100% digital documentation, we have also joined other projects such as beefuture, which allowed us to become the “patron saint” of a bee colony in Berlin. Additionally, in December 2020, each employee at Compado planted a tree via treedome. We are also taking care of our used equipment by donating it to Hey, Alter!, that distributes it further to vulnerable families. Our good deeds do not end here - in 2020 we have invested in projects such as Reforestation in Uruguay, Biomass Electricity India and Projekt 009 focusing on aid for refugees located in Vathý, Samos, Greece. For many more to come!
Growing our culture together
Working remotely means we are intentional about staying connected. This is why we organise lots of virtual coffees, drinks & team events on a monthly basis. No home office equipment? No worries, we got you fully covered, all you need to do is pick the equipment of your preference! Besides that, you can join our German, pilates and work-out online classes. Not interested?! We also have fully-engaged film & book clubs! Moreover, each month at Compado has an overarching theme. This month we are talking about mindfulness while practicing meditation together twice per week. Stay tuned for the Fit Month, Artsy Month & Healthy Month!
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marketing titans, figure jugglers, tech geniuses, sales giants, managers and creative minds
different countries
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Work asynchronously and enjoy flexible hours.

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